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Do I have to be in shape to get started?
No, TRX is designed to strengthen the core, develop balance, and increase strength..therefore it can be applied to the beginning exerciser as well as the advanced athlete.  Angles, speed, and exercise variations are applied so all participants are able to increase their fitness level.
Will this help with my back pain?
Yes, by strengthening the the core musculature this can reduce pain and the likelihood of injury in the future. Most activities in life & sports are “functional” movements, which involve complex, multiple muscle groups throughout the body, and suspension training activates multiple muscle groups in three dimensions and engages the trunk muscles for balance. This can lead to reduced pain and injuries.
Is TRX good for weight loss?
Any time your body is actively engaged in physical activity, you are burning yes this is a good tool for weight loss and added muscle mass which further increases fat burning.
I'm an older adult, can I do this?
TRX is an amazing tool for increasing balance, and this is something we want to maintain through out our lives.  Coupled with added strength, your fitness level will improve..thus increasing the quality of life.
Can I purchase my own TRX system?

Yes you can. By clicking on Functional Training Solutions, you can purchase your own TRX system.  By doing so, you will receive a $20 gift card towards the purchase of any other TRX product, such as a door anchor for your system.




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